About Rewylded

Rewylded is more than walking in the woods. It’s a passion for wellness, connection, and the environment.
Kristi Plume is the driving force behind Rewylded. Her love of all things outdoors started early. As a child in the Sierra Nevadas, she spent much of her time hiking, camping, and climbing trees. While she was building forts in the woods, she was also building respect and awe for the natural world.
As an adult tethered to the corporate world, Kristi spent many years in urban areas. At times when she felt stressed and disconnected, she intuitively knew that a return to nature would restore and renew.
Now, Kristi is focusing her life and her work on the connections between humans and nature. She’s a sustainability planner and educator – and a certified nature and forest therapy guide.
With Rewylded, Kristi helps people of all ages connect to nature and work toward a lasting sense of wellbeing. Her environmental knowledge, respect for the outdoors, and educational expertise are a powerful combination. She uses these tools to guide people through restorative experiences in nature.
In addition to being a certified nature and forest therapy guide, Kristi is also a trail consultant. In this role, she collaborates with land managers to certify trails that are appropriate for forest therapy.
Kristi is a registered yoga teacher. She’s also certified in CPR and wilderness first aid. Kristi holds a BA in psychology and an MBA in sustainability and has served as a corporate trainer, a university lecturer, a sustainable business mentor, and even a coach for youth sports. She knows how to connect with people of all stripes.
In her free time, you’ll often find Kristi outdoors – of course. She enjoys scuba diving, surfing, and traveling the world. She and her husband are also dedicated to fostering and rehabilitating abandoned dogs.